· Feeling Good About Feeling Bad

The London Review of Books

October 9, 2014 Issue

Many American Jews dislike the suggestion that there is any tension between their commitment to liberalism and their Zionism. A piece on Ari Shavit's My Promised Land and Liberal Zionism.

NYRB 10-14-10


· Israel & the US: The Delusions of Our Diplomacy

The New York Review of Books

October 9, 2014 Issue [A longer version of this article appears in Matter.]

NYRB 10-14-10


· Faith-Based Diplomacy


September 18, 2014 [A shorter version of this article appears in the October 9, 2014 issue of The New York Review of Books.]

Skeptics, Reproachers, and Embracers: The three rival camps of American officials leading the Israeli-Palestinian peace process—and the damaging illusions that unite them. 

Matter 19-09-14


· Hamas's Chances

The London Review of Books

August 21, 2014 Issue

NYRB 10-14-10


· How the West Chose War in Gaza

The New York Times

July 17, 2014

Gaza and Israel: The Road to War, Paved by the West. 


· Whose Palestine?

The New York Review Blog

June 19, 2014

For a moment in early June, it seemed to many Palestinians that their political leadership was on the verge of making a historic shift. On June 2, seven years of political division—between the unelected government in the West Bank dominated by Fatah, and the elected government in Gaza controlled by the Islamist party Hamas—formally came to an end. 

NYRB 10-14-10


· What Future for Israel?

The New York Review of Books

August 15, 2013 Issue

NYRB 10-14-10


· Netanyahu, Then and Now

The New York Review Gallery

July 31, 2013

In 1978 a young American citizen then going under the Anglicized name Ben Nitay argued that Palestinians do not have a right to a state, that they could instead get citizenship in Jordan or Israel, and that their goal is not to build a state but to destroy one.

NYRB 10-14-10


· Palestine After Fayyad

Foreign Affairs

April 18, 2013

The Choice Between Cooperation and Conflict.

NYRB 10-14-10


· No Daylight on Israel

The New York Times, The Opinion Pages

October 22, 2012

American policies toward the Palestinians will eventually backfire, as in other parts of the region where the United States stood against popular aspirations and supported authoritarian regimes.

NYRB 10-14-10


· Road to a Third Intifada, Paved with Good Intentions

The New York Times, Sunday Review

June 24, 2012

The Palestinian president's strategy of security cooperation with Israel has come up empty and violence may fill the void.

NYRB 10-14-10


· Our Man in Palestine

The New York Review of Books

October 14, 2010 Issue

The American mission to build up West Bank security forces led by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad.

NYRB 10-14-10